Why hello there and welcome to my level portfolio

My name is Marco and I'm interested in all sorts of things, but I'm really passionate about creating levels and playing all types of video games. I've discovered level design back in 1998 with the Unreal Editor. I was very impressed and wanted to try it myself, though first I had to learn almost everything by myself without any tutorials available.

Since then I've built most of my levels using the UEngine and Unreal Engine 3 in particular, looking back at more than four years of professional experience and over 15 years of personal experience. Despite that Unreal tech specialization I'm still very eager to learn more about how other engines and game development software work, in order to improve my abilities as an artist and my workflow, by looking at things from a different point for a change.

I'm well used to the complete level creation process from start to finish for both single player and multiplayer levels. While I am able to do all that's necessary, I am clearly more oriented towards the visual side of things.

A few of the things I have done

  • Shipped AAA titles include UT2004 Editor's Choice Edition and Fairytale Fights, more detailed information about both games and my contributions in the levels section.
  • I've won the second Make Something Unreal Contest with a 1st place in phase two, a 4th place in phase three and honorable mention as a finalist in phase 1.
  • Founding member of the Community Bonus Packs, widely successful and advertised by Epic Games, developed by a team of the most talented from the community.
  • Built levels for almost every game of the Unreal® franchise and the Unreal Development Kit, worked with the Borderlands editor and the Cry Engine 2/3 Sandbox.

Now maybe you like what you've seen here...

...and you want us to talk about something, let's say involving possible job opportunities for example? If the answer happens to be a yes, just send me a message and we shall talk!