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Toxikk Foundation XL


Fairytale Fights Forest Kingdom


Fairytale Fights Deep Freeze Inn

Toxikk The Artifact


Personal Project Sakura Crossing

Fairytale Fights Fairytale Village


Personal Project Terraforming Outpost

Personal Project Ragnaz Marsh

Personal Project Campsite

Fairytale Fights Three Bears Inn

Fairytale Fights Canon Ball Bay

Toxikk The Artifact XL


Fairytale Fights The Waterbook Falls

Toxikk Foundation XL


Personal Project Vorlon Planetkiller

Fairytale Fights Intro

Fairytale Fights Candy Castle


Personal Project Sakura Crossing

Who I amand what I do

Avatar„Breathing life into digital worlds since 1996”
  • Labeled at birth as:Marco Fritzsche
  • Gender:Male ♂
  • Years spent on this earth:38
  • I come from this place:Amtsberg, Germany
  • Let me work for you and I'll be a:Level Artist / Lighting Artist / Level Designer
  • Languages I know about:German, English and a few bits of Dutch
  • Known addictions:video game aficionado, devourer of cereal, biking enthusiast, music addict

My introduction to level design...

... was in 1996 via Unreal and the first Unreal Editor. Fascinated, I began teaching myself how to use it and dedicated more and more time to my new hobby. Later I joined several modding groups, published levels and ultimately won the second Make Something Unreal Contest. This provided an opportunity to work with Epic Games, on the very franchise that sparked my passion for the digital arts.

Today I do specialize in the design, decoration, illumination, and optimization of levels. More than two decades later it's still my favorite hobby and not merely a career. Working with fellow video games enthusiasts, who understand and share this passion, this is what I truly want to do!

Professional WorkNotable shipped titles

Toxikk - Reakktor Studios

  • Classic Arena FPS developed by indie developer Reakktor and released as a PC exclusive in September 2016
  • I was the primary Level Artist, Level Designer and Lighting Artist of the team
  • Created and a majority of the levels in the game, created assets & textures
  • Improved lighting, collision and performance for almost all levels
  • Reconstructed, improved and fixed outsourced levels
Watch the release trailerToxikk Screenshot #1Toxikk Screenshot #2Toxikk Screenshot #3

Fairytale Fights - Playlogic GamesFactory

  • Hack & slash, action-adventure game for up to four players, shipped in fall 2009 for PS3 & Xbox 360
  • Winner of Best Visual Design at the 2010 Dutch Games Awards
  • Features a colorful, cartoon-ish, clay-like visual style and a world that is literally based on classic story books, as a natural part of the environment
  • My primary functions were Level Artist & Lighting Artist and occasionally Level Designer for multiplayer content
  • After my first year I was promoted to Lead Technical Artist, coordinating level decoration & lighting and optimization of outsourced levels
  • Worked closely with the art director to prototype the visual style, created multiple levels, global lighting rules & setups
  • Guided & trained junior level artists and internship students
  • Additionally worked on Fairytale Fights' three DLC packages, two unannounced arcade games and Fairytale Fights 2
Watch the intro FF Screenshot #1 FF Screenshot #2 FF Screenshot #3

Unreal Tournament 2004 Editors Choice Edition - Epic Games

  • Outdoor level for the Onslaught game mode, designed for approximately 10-16 players View
  • Designed for & with a set of all new vehicles introduced via this special edition of the game
  • I wanted a unique environment not yet present in the game and had to create almost every asset & texture myself
  • Worked as Level Designer, Level Artist, Environment Artist, Texture Artist and QA tester during development

Personal Projects Levels & more


  • Built many levels for Unreal Development Kit & Unreal Tournament 3, currently working with Unreal Engine 4 View
  • Built many levels for Unreal / Unreal Tournament / Unreal Tournament 2003 / 2004, click here or here if you want to see some of my earliest works
  • Founding member of the Community Bonus Packs for the Unreal Tournament series, officially endorsed and promoted by Epic Games
  • Make Something Unreal Contest: Won 1st place & 4th place, finalist in all three rounds and both level categories
  • Did some minor work in inofficial Borderlands Editor, CryEngine Sandboxes, Source Engine, Unity Engine and a few others
  • I'll usually create my own concepts, assets, textures, skyboxes and whatever else is needed for my levels


I do like to explore things I'm unfamiliar with, especially when there's some creative aspect involved. A great way to gain new perspectives, to perhaps discover skills otherwise ignored/overlooked and to further improve as an artist. But mostly just lots of fun.


Personal details

Name Marco Fritzsche
Gender Male
Date of birth November 18th, 1980
Nationality German
Occupation Level Artist / Lighting Artist / Level Designer
Portfolio www.marco-fritzsche.com
Email contact[at]marco-fritzsche.com


2003 - 2007 Economics studies @ TU Chemnitz, Germany
1987-2000 Abitur (high-school diploma) @ Gymnasium Einsiedel, Germany


German Native language
English able to communicate fluently
Dutch basic understanding
French very basic knowledge

Software experience

Highly experienced in all Unreal Engines, 20+ years of work experience
Very Experienced in Unreal Engine 4
Very experienced in Autodesk Maya
Experienced in Autodesk 3ds Max and Blender
Experienced in Autodesk Mudbox
Experienced in CryEngine, Unity, Source Engine, SpeedTree, Lumberyard, Scaleform
Experienced in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Filterforge, Crazybump, NDo2, NJob and others
Experienced in 3D terrain creation software such as Terragen, TerreSculptor, L3DT and WorldMachine
Experienced Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and others
Experienced working with software for bug-tracking
Experienced in development software for Sony and Microsoft consoles
Experienced in video and audio editing software


Excellent team player with strong communication skills
Ability to create & follow design rules, to finish and polish work
Ability to quickly and independently familiarize with new software and techniques
Ability to understand gameplay elements necessary to create enjoyable and fun to play levels
Ability to guide and train junior artist/internship students
Creating levels from scratch, based on existing architecture, own ideas, concept art and according to art direction
Creating levels with both compelling gameplay and visuals, for multiplayer as well as singleplayer games
Creating own assets and textures for levels, experienced in both low and high poly modeling
Creating lighting setups, guides, and documentation for many different environments

Games industry history

August 2014 - January 2017
  • Level Artist / Level Designer / Lighting Artist / Environment Artist / Texture Artist @ Reakktor Studios, Germany
  • Title: Toxikk (PC)
  • Worked closely with the producer & art director to create, light, tweak and polish levels
  • Other responsibilities included performance optimization, collision improvement, asset creation, QA testing, bug fixing
  • Created a majority of the games' levels
December 2007 - September 2010
  • Level Artist / Lighting Artist / Lead Technical Artist @ Playlogic Game Factory, Netherlands
  • Titles: Fairytale Fights, Fairytale Fights DLC, Fairytale Fights 2 (PS3 / Xbox360), Fairytale Arcade Games
  • Worked closely with the art director to prototype desired visuals and created multiple levels
  • Guided & trained junior level artists and internship students
  • Created global rules and lighting setups for a majority of levels
  • Other responsibilities: creating weekly review builds, collision & performance optimization measures, outsourced level improvements
June 2004 - September 2004
  • Level Designer / Level Artist / Environment Artist / Texture Artist @ Epic Games
  • Title: Unreal Tournament 2004 Editors Choice Edition (ECE)
  • Designed & built a team based multiplayer level from scratch
  • Visually unique look with almost all the props & textures made by myself

Personal history

2016 - today Primarily working with Unreal Engine 4
2008 - 2016 Various levels for Unreal Development Kit / Unreal Tournament 3, working with CryEngine, Unity, Borderlands Editor and others
2007 - 2008 Level Designer / Level Artist / Environment Artist / Texture Artist / QA for Community Bonus Pack (CBP3)
2005 - 2006 Level Designer / Level Artist / Environment Artist / Texture Artist / QA for Community Bonus Pack (CBP2)
2004 - 2007 Various multiplayer levels for Unreal Tournament 2004 / modding work
2003 - 2004 Level Designer / Level Artist / Environment Artist / Texture Artist / QA for Community Bonus Pack (CBP1)
2002 - 2004 Various multiplayer levels for Unreal Tournament 2003 / modding work
1999 - 2002 Various multiplayer levels for Unreal Tournament / modding work
1996 - 1999 First level design attempts with the release of Unreal©

Awards & community achievements

Fairytale Fights winner at 2010 Dutch Game Awards for "Best Visual and Best Audio Design"
Make Something Unreal Contest :
Phase 3: DM-CBP2-Drakonis won 4th place in "Best Level Using Custom Content"
Phase 2: DM-CBP-Arkanos won 1st place "Best Level Using Custom Content" and Honorable Mention in "Best Level"
Phase 1: DM-Tree-of-Ages was Honorable Mention in both "Best Level Using Custom Content" and "Best Level" categories
Community Bonus Packs for UT2003, UT2004 and UT3 were officially featured & in-game advertised by Epic Games
Received multiple awards from the most well-known review sites such as NaliCity, Insite, Mapraider, and others
Received several "CliffyB Ownage" awards for my UT2004 levels from former Epic Games Design Director Cliff Bleszinski


December 2013 - April 2018
  • Advertisement Design & Art / Web Design / IT Service @ S&F Maschinen- und Werkzeugbau GmbH, Germany
  • Created a promotional flyer, an airbrush design for the company van and a new website in cooperation with the client
2001 - 2002 Military service in Regensburg, Germany
Experience in HTML / CSS / Javascript for personal & commercial website creation
Experience in creating promotional material and advertisement graphics

ContactGet in touch

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